Delar med mig av en text jag skrev på min Facebooksida.

The day is finally here. I’ve reached my final deadline and handed in my exam for evaluation. It took me 8 months to write the 90 page script. Most people think that’s a long time just to write 90 pages, well it’s not. And it’s not just 90 pages that I’ve written.

The thing with writing a script is that everything has to fall in place perfectly, or else it just won’t make any sense at all. Maybe the characters don’t feel real, or the dialogue seems silly. There is so much you have to put into consideration. And if you change ONE thing in the script you change EVERYTHING, which means you have to do a lot of rewrites and changing around in the script.

I took a look into my folder for this project and found not only one document but 50. 41 of these documents contain a total of 79 pages with just NOTES.

The other 9 documents are synopsis’s, treatments and actual scripts in different versions with a total of 323 pages. That’s A LOT of thoughts, words and pages to narrow down to a 90 page script. Somewhere around 402 pages and 84,719 words. And I can only imagine all the words that I’ve DELETED.

And writing a movie script DOES take time and it should. Some scripts take years and years before they see the light of day. Mine took 8 months and I have only just begun my journey (yes, I’m optimistic).